Bars: New EP “Coolaide” By Choice

Bars covers newly released LPs and EPs

Written by Leo J

I love my city. So from time to time I am going to be pushing more music from Dallas than others because I genuinely believe the talent here is second to none. That is why today I bring you the new EP “Coolaide” by Choice.

I met Choice around 2017 doing shows at Expo Bar in Fair Park. He was booked at one of my Fresh Rhymes events and left and a lasting impression on me. Choice had asked if he could keep coming back to host future events and I didn’t mind one bit. Since then I have seen perform at small dive bars winning freestyle battles, music competitions, and rocking the stage at the legendary Granada Theater in Dallas. It has been quite the journey.

“Coolaide” is absolutely fantastic. At the moment it is the best overall reelase I have heard this year from an artist out of Dallas. Each track has its’ own energy and vibe. There is plenty of storytelling throughout the EP as well as bars for days. That is what I have always liked about Choice. The way he breaks down his tracks for you to follow and be a part of the experience. You can not help but want to hear what he is going to say line for line. As you listen to “Coolaide” you realize how much shit this man is spittin. There is a lot in there which makes Choice one of my favorite MCs right now. When I see that he is on a showcase I am at I tell people pay attention to this man, he is about to really rap your brains out. That is the same result with “Coolaide“. Peep the EP below and even better, go buy it. ~ Stay Fresh

"Coolaide" by Choice


Late Pass: “Jazz And Reverse” by RC & The Gritz

Late Pass covers past releases we missed that should absolutely get the shine they deserve.

Written by Leo J

For the past three months I have been holding down a livestream DJ set over on my Twitch page every Sunday. Each week I try to not repeat music that I have already played. I am constantly working on digging through my digital crates to play other sounds or find new/old music to download. This brings me to one of my latest finds and hopefully gives me the Late Pass: “Jazz And Reverse” by RC & The Gritz.

Being that I am from Dallas,TX there is no doubt I have heard of RC & The Gritz. Their Wednesday night residency is a legendary night in the Dallas music scene. The band gets a lot of recognition as being Erykah Badu’s live band for her shows but their skillset and talent is equally impressive on its own. When I found “Jazz And Reverse” it made me feel silly for having slept on past releases from RC & The Gritz. That will be fixed moving forward.

“Jazz And Reverse” has a lot of my favorite elements in play. We have samples, scratches, a funky bass synth with light piano stabs and a light drum cut in the back. Upon hearing this track I heard the very recognizable voice of -Topic on the mic. The lyrics and song sound like they were recorded spontaneously as -Topic has what feels like a freestyle flow with his raps. All involved are very skilled in this manner so It would not surprise me one bit if this was the case.

I can’t believe I missed this one. It will be in my rotation for future sets no doubt. Peep the song below and buy the track if you are really digging it.

Jazz and reverse


Fresh Tune: “Black Radio” by Alsace Carcione

Written by Leo J

There’s nothing like reminiscing. At times a melancholy feeling is attatched to the experience but for the most part it is always fun to mentally relive those times that have shaped who you are to this day. This leads me to introduce to you this Fresh Tune: “Black Radio” by Alsace Carcione.

“Black Radio” is a love letter to some of the influential music from Alsace Carcione‘s past. The song starts with the chorus and the listener quickly realizes the subject matter at hand. The chorus features a soulful sax performed by Vandell Andrews and a passionate vocal featuring KnowShame. Both features can be heard throughout the rest of the track and are a wonderful addition to the single. The majority of the verses are cleverly linked together with wordplay of different song titles and artists names. “Black Radio” was produced by Keshawn Allen. A job well done all the way around.

Like I said earlier this week from my post about new music from 7evenThity, it was an absolute surprise to get new music from Alsace Carcione. I am a big supporter of hers as I always have her music in the mix when I play out. This one will absolutely go in the rotation as well. You should have it in yours. Click the Bandcamp link below and go cop that.

~ Stay Fresh


Fresh Tune: “Hydrate” (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow) by 7evenThirty

Written by Leo J

When shelter in place from Covid-19 hit it was predicted that new art influenced from the pandemic would emerge. Today we get a piece of that artistic energy with a Fresh Tune: “Hydrate” (feat Georgia Anne Muldrow) by 7evenThirty.

If you tuned into my live stream this past Sunday you would have heard me play one of his songs. I’ve been a fan of his since he popped on the DFW hip hop scene and was always happy to hear new music from him. I try to keep tabs on artists and I think this is the first song 7evenThirty has released in a while so I was super excited to give it a go.

Hydrate” is a soulful hip hop narrative of our current times. 7evenThirty addresses our state of affairs with rhymes that speak to what we really need to be focusing on. Us. We have absolute control on how we take care of ourselves and each other. In “Hydrate” this theme is presented throughout with thought provoking raps that lead into each other from bar to bar. There’s a lot in the one verse he gives us. The addition of Georgia Anne Muldrow was perfect. She shines throughout the track with more of an emphasis on her on the second half of the song. Well done.

The song is up on his Bandcamp and I highly encourage you to support him. ~ Stay Fresh


Must Watch: Trailer for a new Big L documentary “Foul Child”

Big L

Written by Leo J

A trailer for a new Big L documentary “Foul Child” released to the masses yesterday. The film will be in company with the twenty-fifth anniversary of his classic debut album Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous. 

In a press release, Mass Appeal CEO Peter Bittenbender had this to say:

“We hope that this short documentary inspires the creation of a larger, full-length piece to tell more of his incredible story,” he explains. “Although just a small piece of the puzzle, we’re proud to unleash something for L’s fans to give a unique glimpse into his legacy surrounding the 25th anniversary of Big L’s landmark debut album, Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous!”

The trailer shows interviews with Dave East, Bobbito, RZA, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Twelvyy, Buckwild, Peter Rosenberg and Stretch Armstrong. I am hoping to see unreleased footage and interviews from the man himself. Maybe some new music?

Big L is highly regarded as one of the finest MC’s to ever grab the mic among the heads. On a grander scale he is still slept on. But those that know, know. His rhymes are still some of the rawest bars ever. Don’t believe me? “Ask beavis, i get nothing but head”.

Peep the full trailer below. The film will be released May 29th ~ Stay Fresh

Big L


Bars: New LP “The Beauty Of It” by Eto

Written by Leo J

Straight out of Rochester,NY comes some fresh new bars: New LP “The Beauty Of It” by Eto. No fronting here. This is my first listen of Eto. I was not aware of him before his release today and I’ve been sleeping on a bonafide rap lyricist.  Griselda fans will definitely enjoy. After giving his new LP a listen I went back to listen to his critically acclaimed DJ Muggs produced debut album Hell’s Roof . After you give this album a listen be sure you go back and review that one as well. Bangers on deck for sure. 

The Beauty Of It” features a gang of producers and artists. Some I have never heard of and others I need to absolutely research after listening to this project. Artists like Grafh, Rome Streetz, Flee Lord, Nyticka Hemingway, Vinnie Paz, Sha Hef, Willie the Kid, Watts,  Ill Bill, Jai Black and Goretex. Producers include Statik Selektah, The Alchemist, DJ Green Lantern, Large Professor, V-Don, Marco Polo and Daringer.

Even with a wide range of producers and artists the album feels cohesive. A bunch of lyrical bangers for the fans of boom bap heavy beats and lyrics. My personal favorites are “No” and “Beloved”. 

Peep the album below. ~ Stay Fresh

Eto The Beauty Of It album


Joystick: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 set to return in 2020

Tony Hawk

Written by Leo J

Joystick covers all things video games.

The OG of all skate games announced a digitally enhanced version of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 will return September 4th 2020. New features include online play and a more customizable course builder. Platforms supported are the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

A large number of songs from the OG edition will also make an appearance. Although licensing has caused some songs to fall through the cracks. While we might have lost some of the music, you can bet that the majority of characters to play with will still be available. You can of course play with not only Hawk, but other skaters like Kareem Campbell, Steve Caballero, Bucky Lasek, Andrew Reynolds, Elissa Steamer, Bob Burnquist, Chad Muska, and Geoff Rowley.

If you pre-purchase the game you will receive access to the infamous Warehouse Demo as a special treat. The availability of the demo has yet to be released. What I am really looking forward to is the brand-new online multiplayer modes along with local multiplayer. 

I grew up playing this game super heavy. I am incredibly stoked to be able to visit this game again. Especially with friends. I cant wait to be able to shred a couple of parks with the homies! Peep the trailer below! ~Stay Fresh




Listen Up: Run The Jewels Announces ‘RTJ4’ Release Date + More

Late Pass: "Ooh LA LA" feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier by Run The Jewels

Written by Leo J

Listen up covers all things future releases.

Run The Jewels new album “RTJ4” is set to digitally release June 5th. The announced includes the official album artwork, tracklist, and tour dates with Rage Against the Machine in 2021.

Back in March the duo released two singles from the new album. “Yankee And The Brave (ep.4)” and “Ooh LA LA” feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier. More recently a visual to the latter was released giving us the stimulating visuals we are so accustomed from the guys. Instant classic. We even get a Zack De La Rocha cameo at the 1:41. 1:47. and 1:51 mark.

In addition to the announcement we also get the option to digitally and physically pre-order the album. The merchandise comes with a number of options that even includes the test pressing of the vinyl, shirts, hoodies, a tape and special edition cuts of the album. You even save a few bucks on the pre-order which cuts the shipping in half.

So go ahead and peep the songs below and go pre-order those quality rap sounds.

Late Pass: "Ooh LA LA" feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier by Run The Jewels


Sunday Sessions Vol. 7

Back at it! Thanks again for tuning in. This week I have added the ability for you to join me in my live feed. Using your cell phone or computer cam, I will be able to add your camera to me feed so we can vibe together Brady Bunch style. Just be sure to have two open windows Thanks again for rocking with me. Peep the instructions and when you are done leave your link in the chat box so I can add your camera!

Cash App | PayPal | Venmo : @TooFreshDTX

Step 1

Open another tab and head over to https://obs.ninja/ . Keep the Too Fresh site tab open in order to see your feed. More on that later!

Step 2

Click “Add your camera to OBS”

Step 3

Wait for your camera to load, and when it does (when you can see your face on the screen) hit the “Click here when ready” button.

Step 4

Once you see your camera feed in the new web page with a blue background/white light, be sure mute your camera.

Green mic = not muted

Red Mic = Muted

Step 5

Copy and paste the link in your browser (like the one I am pointing at) in the chat box on the Too Fresh site and I will find your camera to insert it into the feed! Do not close this tab with the link and your camera feed. It has to stay open! Keep watching the Too Fresh site in another tab and I will get your cam on the feed!


Late Pass: “Spinnin'” by Bastards of Soul

Bastards of Soul

Written by Leo J

It’s Friday and I am closing out the week with some more Dallas music. But before I get into that I want to introduce you to this series, Late Pass. Late Pass covers past releases we missed that should absolutely get the shine they deserve. It’s never too late to go and get new music in your life. Being that this blog is new it seems kind of weird to cover stuff I didn’t cover, but it’s important you are informed on quality music, regardless!

So here’s the Late Pass: “Spinnin’ ” by Bastards of Soul. The Dallas,TX soul band released their project back in February. Before the Covid madness Bastards of Soul was garnering all kinds praise with their release coupling it with a series of sold out pop ups/shows and releasing a music video. Recently their music was featured in a sobering video that covered the first shelter in place weekend in Dallas.

Prior to the LP release in February Bastards of Soul released two lead cuts from the album back in November of 2019 on 45: The Way It Should Be“​/”​The Waiting Time .

The group consists of experienced musicians with various backgrounds of genres. This diversity delivers a wide range of feelings and emotions in their music. From the high energy sounds of “Hard Up and Lonely“, to the slow two step of “Back to The City“. There’s something for every fan of soul/r&b music.

Next week they will release a new 45 featuring a previously unreleased track, dropping May 15th. A huge shout out to all of those behind these projects. Josey Records X Eastwood Music Group. Peep their music and video below and more importantly, go cop that! ~Stay Fresh

Late Pass: “Spinnin'” by Bastards of Soul

Bastards Of Soul New Single