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May 2, 2020by Leo J0

For a while I had this site up and running. For almost three years I updated it daily with new sounds and videos from artists around North Texas with other underground artists from around the country sprinkled in. I had about 13 writers at one point all turning in reviews. It was taxing and became too much for me to do alone. So I let it die out. I wish I would have kept some of that content and backed it up but you live and you learn.

The streaming sessions have been a blast. It has reminded me that if you can provide some dope content people will at the very least come to check it out. So I am bringing the site back. Probably not with all the bells and whistles as before but something very simple with blog posts about new music, videos, tv shows, new tech, etc. Hopefully you will stop by to check it out. I will have something up soon! Cheers!

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