Fresh TuneFresh Tune: “Level Up” by Bobby Sessions

May 7, 2020by Leo J0

Written by Leo J

Fresh Tune is a series covering new or deep singles I think you should know!

The majority of content I used to push on this site was mainly North Texas hip hop. Now that I have brought the blog back I am taking it back to my roots and focusing on the young legend from Dallas,TX – Bobby Sessions.

I have been super lucky to watch his growth as an artist. Back during his Brain Gang days he stood out to me. I have seen him go from local showcases to one of the new emerging artists out of Def Jam. Recently, Sessions earned a big accomplishment in his career being a co-writer for the platinum record “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion. And he’s just getting started. His debut album for Def Jam is still to come.

Today I share with you what may be a single from said debut album, or a loosie to keep your anticipation up, “Level Up” by Bobby Sessions. Listening to his music is more than something to vibe to. There’s a deeper level of thought and dialogue he expresses within his rhymes. It’s a breathe of fresh air for those looking for more than bending 808 and hi-hats. Don’t get me wrong I love a solid beat but personally, I always want more in the music I listen and play. Bobby Sessions does this for me and I promise he will do the same for you. Peep the audio below but more importantly go and cop that new track. ~ Stay Fresh

Fresh Tune: “Level Up” by Bobby Sessions

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