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May 10, 2020by Leo J0

Back at it! Thanks again for tuning in. This week I have added the ability for you to join me in my live feed. Using your cell phone or computer cam, I will be able to add your camera to me feed so we can vibe together Brady Bunch style. Just be sure to have two open windows Thanks again for rocking with me. Peep the instructions and when you are done leave your link in the chat box so I can add your camera!

Cash App | PayPal | Venmo : @TooFreshDTX

Step 1

Open another tab and head over to https://obs.ninja/ . Keep the Too Fresh site tab open in order to see your feed. More on that later!

Step 2

Click “Add your camera to OBS”

Step 3

Wait for your camera to load, and when it does (when you can see your face on the screen) hit the “Click here when ready” button.

Step 4

Once you see your camera feed in the new web page with a blue background/white light, be sure mute your camera.

Green mic = not muted

Red Mic = Muted

Step 5

Copy and paste the link in your browser (like the one I am pointing at) in the chat box on the Too Fresh site and I will find your camera to insert it into the feed! Do not close this tab with the link and your camera feed. It has to stay open! Keep watching the Too Fresh site in another tab and I will get your cam on the feed!

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