Late PassLate Pass: “Jazz And Reverse” by RC & The Gritz

June 18, 2020by Leo J0

Late Pass covers past releases we missed that should absolutely get the shine they deserve.

Written by Leo J

For the past three months I have been holding down a livestream DJ set over on my Twitch page every Sunday. Each week I try to not repeat music that I have already played. I am constantly working on digging through my digital crates to play other sounds or find new/old music to download. This brings me to one of my latest finds and hopefully gives me the Late Pass: “Jazz And Reverse” by RC & The Gritz.

Being that I am from Dallas,TX there is no doubt I have heard of RC & The Gritz. Their Wednesday night residency is a legendary night in the Dallas music scene. The band gets a lot of recognition as being Erykah Badu’s live band for her shows but their skillset and talent is equally impressive on its own. When I found “Jazz And Reverse” it made me feel silly for having slept on past releases from RC & The Gritz. That will be fixed moving forward.

“Jazz And Reverse” has a lot of my favorite elements in play. We have samples, scratches, a funky bass synth with light piano stabs and a light drum cut in the back. Upon hearing this track I heard the very recognizable voice of -Topic on the mic. The lyrics and song sound like they were recorded spontaneously as -Topic has what feels like a freestyle flow with his raps. All involved are very skilled in this manner so It would not surprise me one bit if this was the case.

I can’t believe I missed this one. It will be in my rotation for future sets no doubt. Peep the song below and buy the track if you are really digging it.

Jazz and reverse

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