Fresh 45 of Nico Gomez , “Lupita” (Bosq Rework)

Written by Leo J

Day 2. Alright I wont keep track of each day but starting out I have to do it to try and find a rhythm. Speaking of rhythm (see what I did there), I’m here to share with you some Afro-Latin sounds from Matsuna Records. It’s a Fresh 45 repress of Nico Gomez and His Afro Percussion Inc., “Lupita”. The standout track comes from his 1971 album “Ritual” wich was recently reissued, along with a 7″ of single of “Lupita”, from Mr.Bongo back in 2013. But this release includes a Bosq Rework that is given a boost in every element of the song. Organs, horns, drums, and that extra bit of undefined flavor that comes with it. The release came out a month ago on their Bandcamp which sold out within the week but as of this morning went live over at Juno. This is absolutely one of those 45 joints every DJ should have in their bag. If nothing the digital version for sure. Go get that.

~ Stay Fresh


New Album from Khruangbin, ”Mordechai”

Written by Leo J

Well here we are folks. I promised that I would kick this music blog back up. I will be posting about songs and albums within my crates, deep digs, and new music. I am going to keep the sounds diverse but will keep the site very simple so you don’t have to navigate around too much. As more content is developed I may add other pages but for now it’s straight up blog posts. So here we go.

Today I am bringing you new sounds out of Houston,TX. It comes from a trio band named Khruangbin (pronounced “Kroongbin”). Their sounds are a combination of psychedelic funk infused with global influences. Hopefully that gives a bit of insight to the bands name as it is translated from Thai as “Engine Fly”. They are incredible. Back in February of this year they released a project with Fort Worths own Leon Bridges titled Texas Sun. I only learned of Khruangbin last year at one of our BYOV nights. Luke Sardello from Josey Records brought a copy of their latest dub EP Hasta El Cielo for us to listen to. I was instantly hooked. So I got really excited when I saw an announcement for a new album – Khruangbin, ”Mordechai” . The band itself plays mostly instrumental tracks so to hear vocals on the first single was a treat. Peep the single and video below for Time you and I’ and go cop that pre-order -> Mordechai


To blog or not to blog

For a while I had this site up and running. For almost three years I updated it daily with new sounds and videos from artists around North Texas with other underground artists from around the country sprinkled in. I had about 13 writers at one point all turning in reviews. It was taxing and became too much for me to do alone. So I let it die out. I wish I would have kept some of that content and backed it up but you live and you learn.

The streaming sessions have been a blast. It has reminded me that if you can provide some dope content people will at the very least come to check it out. So I am bringing the site back. Probably not with all the bells and whistles as before but something very simple with blog posts about new music, videos, tv shows, new tech, etc. Hopefully you will stop by to check it out. I will have something up soon! Cheers!


Sunday Sessions Vol. 4

Let’s go!

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