Fresh 45 of Nico Gomez , “Lupita” (Bosq Rework)

Written by Leo J

Day 2. Alright I wont keep track of each day but starting out I have to do it to try and find a rhythm. Speaking of rhythm (see what I did there), I’m here to share with you some Afro-Latin sounds from Matsuna Records. It’s a Fresh 45 repress of Nico Gomez and His Afro Percussion Inc., “Lupita”. The standout track comes from his 1971 album “Ritual” wich was recently reissued, along with a 7″ of single of “Lupita”, from Mr.Bongo back in 2013. But this release includes a Bosq Rework that is given a boost in every element of the song. Organs, horns, drums, and that extra bit of undefined flavor that comes with it. The release came out a month ago on their Bandcamp which sold out within the week but as of this morning went live over at Juno. This is absolutely one of those 45 joints every DJ should have in their bag. If nothing the digital version for sure. Go get that.

~ Stay Fresh